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These are various articles I've written on various topics. Click the article you want to read; they're all links. Scroll down for the different categories. For my weekly dating advice column--which is unlike any other such column out there because I'm not your mom and I'll tell you like it is with solid, fresh advice--see my Lunch is Not a Date column. Comedy tips are available at the end of this list.


Dating Articles

9/6/07 What About Her? The Flaw with "Game" Exposed

8/02/07 How to Ensure a Woman Returns Your Call

6/18/07 How to Meet at Summer Hotspots (courtesy of Gapers Block)

4/9/07 Your New Girlfriend's Birthday Date (courtesy of Gapers Block)

3/15/07 Red Flags! Red Flags! (courtesy of Dr. Dating)

1/27/07 Flush Men Who Brush - Satire for Happy Woman Magazine

12/06 Where to Meet (courtesy of Jargon Chicago)


"How to" Publish Articles

5/21/07 Books and Tales Article

4/13/07 Ezine Interview

4/4/07 Guest Speaker for Teleseminar (audio)

4/3/07 Blog Critics Interview, Part I of III
4/5/07 Blog Critics Interview, Part II of III
4/7/07 Blog Critics Interview, Part II of III
4/7/07 Complete Interview Here


"How to" Write Articles

8/06 Drawing Crowds to Movies for Scr(i)pt Magazine

11/05 The Tag for Scr(i)pt Magazine

7/05 How to Write Humor for Scr(i)pt Magazine


Comedy Tips

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