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"Best book I've read" - Amazon review

"Hilarious!" - Amazon review

"Funniest book I've read" - Amazon review

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Below are quotes from people you may know. Submit your own comments or ask dating questions via Contact.

"We loved it! The best 269-page book of dating disasters we've read this year!" -- Streeter Seidell & Sarah Schneider, 2/12/07

"... the new bible for the college bound student." -- Joey C., Blog Review Discussion 6/26/07

"Loved it! Ian's book is very insightful and learned a lot from it, mostly that women are crazy and Ian's a perv." -- Comedian Rocky LaPorte, Brief Bio: Rocky is one of the best in the biz. Check out his Tonight Show set at (the only Tonight Show set to get a standing ovation). 10/24/06

"Will your guts literally burst? Probably. I used to work for a publishing house and this is one of the freshest, wittiest books I've read in a long time. I almost wished we didn't publish serious nonfiction. This book's got advice for men and women alike and ingenious pick up lines that I couldn't say I wouldn't fall for. The readers will find that even though they know it's not a book about success, they can't help but root for the underdog." -- Monica Wang, former editor before getting into real estate. Read Review on Amazon. 10/30/06

"Finally, someone tells it like it is. There's a time to talk and a time to shut up and it's about time someone like Ian Coburn laid it out for the rest of us." -- John Guilfoil, Editor of Blast Magazine 3/1/07

"This book is so brilliant, I can't begin to describe it. This is mandatory reading for any man . . . and any woman." -- Shawn, 30 and single 2/17/07

"Ian delivers a direct and witty insight on the dating game. The direct impulse of his writing style states he doesn't hold back his mistakes or his success. He certainly didn't appear as some sort of Harlequin Romance Novel Guy that could just make ladies fall for him instantly with the flexing of his biceps or whip out a wad of cash. Instead, Ian takes you on his funny and insane journey on how he developed a system of beliefs on meeting ladies. I think this book gears more towards helping men since his work is autobiographical; however, women could certainly read a very direct account of what happens in a guy's mind. Ian concludes it boils down to confidence and withstanding numerous rejections. I enjoyed Ian's observations that reading magazines didn't land a woman in 3 catch phrases, and how sit-com writers are compelled to write stories about how women are always right, even when they are wrong. I wish I was armed with knowledge like this years ago, and I could have been cured of NGB (Nice Guy But...) Syndrome." -- M. Mondo, Former Sufferer of "Nice Guy Syndrome" 12/19/06

"The book is very funny! Favorite line: "It only matters who knows the cop, and that's not us!" Favorite chapter: Rubber band, please." -- Tamora Wilson, Theater Lighting Designer. 11/1/06

"From a women's point of view, this book may come across as sexist and degrading to women. While the stories are humorous and often paint the author as an ill-equipped male with bad judgment and somewhat poor timing, you can't help but feel there's a bit of male piggish ness tied into each chapter. With that being said. I LOVED IT! Looking beyond the above, there is actually subtle advice that women shouldn't misinterpret, but rather learn from. This book made me laugh out loud as I reflected on my past dating experiences as well as caused me to feel a little guilty that I myself have pulled some of the “female stunts” that the author discusses about his experiences. The lack of censorship and use of open honesty only adds to the humor of this book. I enjoyed the listings of lessons to be learned in each chapter and looked forward to the “quickies”. This book only gets funnier the more you read it and I recommend it to anyone who’s ever dated the opposite sex. I must add that I’m glad that I was not a girl whom aided in helping Ian write a chapter… yet…" -- Michelle Gleissner, Catering Sales Manager 11/17/07

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